1. What’s your name and title, what do you do day-to-day in 20 words or fewer?

I’m Georgia D’Costa the partnerships manager at SellersFi. My day-to-day is building out our partnership network to provide our clients with essential support outside of our services and create new business opportunities for our sales team.

2. At SellersFi you help leading brands with financial solutions and working capital. Can you give us a success story for a D2C brand you’ve worked with? Eg what was the problem? what did you do? what were the results?

Success story- Diamond White Aligners

We’re lucky to work with Diamond White Aligners, the business was created to make dental care accessible to everyone. 

Diamond White Aligners used our long-term revolving credit facility to cover the costs of goods so they could offer their clients extended payment terms, this led them to see a 110% growth year on year. 

3. You specialise in finance and strategic solutions – what piece of advice would you give to DTC brands who want to scale quickly and easily?

I would advise DTC brands to explore debt financing for growth. I think when businesses think of debt, it tends to scare them away, but it’s the perfect alternative to giving up your equity in order to grow your company.

4. What do you think the biggest challenges facing eCommerce/D2C businesses will be over the next 12-18 months?

  • Supply chain disruptions: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to global supply chains, resulting in shortages of raw materials and delayed shipments. This could lead to inventory shortages and higher prices for products.
  • Shipping and logistics: With the increased demand for online shopping, there may be longer delivery times, shipping delays, and higher shipping costs.
  • Customer acquisition: As more businesses move online, competition for customer acquisition will become increasingly fierce. E-commerce and D2C businesses will need to find new and innovative ways to stand out from the competition and attract customers.

SellersFi has excellent partners to tackle these issues, and our funding can be used to finance those services.

5. Complete this sentence – DTC brands that survive and thrive in 2023 will …

Be ready for the unexpected as there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. Planning and mapping out different scenarios will be critical to a DTC brand’s success in 2023 and beyond. This can mean anticipating unexpected cash flow needs (and having a quick solution), focusing on customer retention and ensuring business contingencies are in place for any unforeseen disruptions.

6. Name three D2C brands that are killing it and whom you recommend others to emulate/learn from.

NUDEA– This sustainable underwear company offers 20% off for any customers who recycle their old bras with them. Brands could learn from their strategy, as it’s a way of tackling the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, whilst helping the company to improve customer acquisition and retention.
Glossier – This beauty brand that has built a loyal following by emphasising a minimalist, natural look and by fostering a sense of community among its customers. The company has a strong social media presence and leverages user-generated content to promote its products.
Estrid– This vegan subscription-based razor has mastered the art of getting brand identity right. Their brand champions diversity and inclusion, something that has often been a problem in the beauty industry, with almost two-thirds (61%) of the UK do not feel represented by the beauty industry.