Proprietary Performance Technology At The Heart of Delivery

Our technology isn’t a black box. You’ll interact with it if you become one of our clients. It will change your business.
The Leaf Grow platform is geared for online retailers - an ecosystem of proprietary tools and bots that help us save time and
make smarter decisions, on your behalf. This means we can spend more time on the important stuff, like massaging your ego.


Arguably our most important tool. It helps us to make sure we don’t underspend or overspend on your monthly budget. Sounds like it should be simple to manage. We wish.


Born of the paranoia of bosses. Our account performance monitoring tool visualises key daily performance metrics, at the account level, to help us interrogate performance trends quickly and decisively.


The Leaf cohort analysis plugin calculates your customer lifetime value by channel, country and month. This helps us make smarter decisions about budget calibration upfront, before we spend a penny (literally, not figuratively).


Our first child (we don’t mention Leaf Music) and major workhorse. An automation platform for launching and managing full-funnel, multivariate ad campaigns, with just a few clicks.


What is data for, if not to provide us with answers? The Leaf Grow reporting platform turns data into insights. It’s the foundation for the ‘why’ in all our decsision making when it comes to optimisation and strategy.


At the heart of our production team is Chewie; our automation Bot for project management. Chewie takes care of client onboarding, task management and everything else we can’t be arsed to do.


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