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Proprietary performance technology at the heart of delivery.

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You’ll interact with it if you become one of our clients. It will change your business.

The Leaf Grow platform is geared for online retailers – an ecosystem of proprietary tools and bots that help us save time and make smarter decisions, on your behalf. This means we can spend more time on the important stuff, like massaging your ego.



Our armoury of automation tools for campaign, budget and performance management, helping to:

  • Drive efficiencies on operations.
  • Manage budget pacing effectively.
  • Interrogate performance trends quickly & decisively.


Optimises signal processing and data storage to improve the security, stability, abundance, speed and richness of data pipelines.

  • Plug and play browser & server-side tracking solution for richer, more abundant & secure first-party data.
  • Automated monitoring of tracking, analytics and website performance helping to significantly reduce wasted ad spend.


Helps to make smarter decisions about best performing creatives, audiences, channels, product and target KPIs, to deliver profitable performance.

  • First-party marketing & sales data reporting.
  • Creative element reporting & cross-channel audience insights.
  • Customer lifetime value by channel, territory and month.
  • Product sell-through performance by segment, informing product focus for ad spend and on-store CRO.