Performance Intelligence
AI-driven marketing, revenue & customer insights.

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You’ll interact with it if you become one of our clients. It will change your business.

The Leaf Grow platform is geared for online retailers – an ecosystem of proprietary automation, performance intelligence and data processing tools that help us and our clients deliver crucial operational efficiencies and make materially smarter decisions, that grow digital revenues..profitably.


Built & battle-tested for brands.

Better data flow. Smarter decision making. Better performance.


  • Data warehousing and unification for your customer, revenue and marketing data
  • Plug & play browser & server-side conversion tracking solution for richer, more abundant & secure first-party data.
  • Automated signal monitoring to significantly reduce wasted ad spend.


  • Shopify revenue & product performance + new vs returning customer insights
  • Marketing channel performance for Meta & Google
  • Creative performance for Meta by funnel stage
  • LTV analysis per month, channel & product
  • AI predictive performance forecasting