Wired UK: Leaf CTO, Helga Alvarez on building an adtech empire

In late 2013, Leaf.fm was developed in Costa Rica by our founders as a music-centric social network that combined music, community and commerce; giving fans a direct way to discover, connect and support the artists behind the music they love. It quickly rose to success and became one of the most popular music apps in Latin America, with over 300K monthly music fans.

Now in 2021 and with the company having been rebranded to Leaf, it’s been almost three years since we pivoted away from music completely – taking the tech we built to help musicians earn money, and further developing it to now profitably scale ambitious eCommerce businesses via our performance marketing services.

Wired UK recently interviewed our CTO, Helga Alvarez, to get the lowdown on our move to Newcastle, one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech hubs; the decision to evolve the company; and on being a tech entrepreneur.

The decision to completely reboot the company was a bold move to say the least, but part of being an entrepreneur is taking chances, Alvarez says. “You need to aim for assumptions that could translate into further success.” – Wired UK

Read the article in the Wired UK January/February 2022 issue.

Learn more about Leaf here: https://www.leafgrow.io