5 Best Shopify apps for customer reviews

A product with five reviews is almost three times more likely to be purchased than a product with just one review. 

Driving up your average order value and return on ad spend with higher value and volumes of orders can be achieved with something as simple as increasing customer reviews. According to INC, 88% of online customers read reviews before making any purchasing decisions.

 For product-specific information, Spiegel Research Centre shows that 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. Customer reviews matter because people trust people. They provide credibility and social proof for potential customers; 85% of Millennials say reviews influence their purchasing choices. Reviews can provide customers with a voice and increase customer loyalty by allowing them to engage directly with your brand. 

What’s more, customer reviews can be very helpful for you as a brand owner, allowing you to understand what is good and bad about your products, giving you the direct ability to iterate on your product development, while also leveraging these insights to improve your marketing messaging and product detail page content. 

Today we’ll be looking at our top 5 choices for customer review apps on Shopify.

1. Reviews.io

Reviews.io Shopify app website screenshot

Reviews.io is an app built exclusively for building genuine and captivating reviews through video, allowing for reviews that showcase your products in action.

This is what we love about Reviews.io:

  • Allows for captivating video reviews
  • Seamless integration with Google reviews, allowing them to be showcased on your Ads, Organic Search, Shopping & Maps, meaning you’ll stand out against your competitors online.
  • Integrates with Instagram, providing access to a dynamic list of Influencers who have shopped with your store and provides a feed that showcases all tagged photos uploaded to Instagram of your products.
  • Fully customisable widget for Shopify, allowing you to collect reviews using a fully kitted out widget that reflects your brand.
  • Fast-tracked review-writing process, with no need to create an account or log in, all reviews are verified automatically during the invitation process. 


  • Bottom Tier – £29
  • Mid Tier – £89
  • Top Tier – £159
  • Unlimited – £399

You can learn more about Reviews.io here.

2. Trustpilot

Trustpilot Shopify app website screenshot

You may well have heard of Trustpilot, seemingly the go-to customer review app across all web platforms. Trustpilot is arguably the most famous of the customer review platforms and considering it’s an entirely free option, there’s no wonder why it’s used universally.

This is what we love about Trustpilot:

  • Free version is fully functional without the need to upgrade to a monthly plan.
  • Gets 3million+ reviews a month, making it a hugely used and thus easily recognised and legitimate app.
  • Google integrated, allowing you to showcase stars that drive more visitors to your site from both organic and paid search
  • Easy app integration and ease of use for customers.


  • Free Version – Unlimited length of use
  • Standard Version – £49 

You can learn more about Trustpilot here.

3. Loox

Loox Shopify app website screenshot

Loox is exclusively built for Shopify, making for seamless integration and customer experience. The app uses fully automated emails and notifications to collect customer reviews on autopilot, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business.

Here’s what we love about Loox:

  • Collects customer reviews with automatic requests, and offer discounts for including photos or videos.
  • Utilises widgets and galleries to showcase brand love and further relationships between customer and brand, improving customer lifetime value.
  • Official google reviews partner, once more allowing you to showcase your reviews on ads and organic search results.
  • High-speed loading and ease of use, allowing customers to quickly and easy work.


  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • Bottom Tier – $9.99
  • Mid Tier – $34.99
  • Top Tier – $299.99

You can learn more about Loox here.

4. Stamped.io

Stamped.io Shopify app website screenshot

Stamped.io uses a 1 – 5 point scale to enable your customers to easily submit and share their positive reviews with friends and on your site. Its integration is interesting as it allows you then repurpose those reviews for targeted ads with minimal effort.

This is what we love about Stamped.io:

  • Exclusive types of reviews that other apps offer; such as checkout reviews.
  • Easy 1-click set up to allow for simple and immediate use.
  • Fully customisable, allowing you to fit the widget to your brand.
  • Plenty of bonus features such as filtering reviews, including customer sizing metrics like height, weight etc., and watermarking photo uploads with your logo.
  • Official google reviews partner, once more allowing you to showcase your reviews on ads and organic search results.
  • Allows you to import reviews from other areas, like Facebook messenger and Instagram, and seamlessly integrate them with your other website reviews.


  • Bottom Tier – $19
  • Mid Tier 1 – $49
  • Mid Tier 2 – $119
  • Top Tier – $249

You can learn more about Stamped.io here.

5. Yotpo

Yotpo Shopify app website screenshot

Yotpo is an AI-led review integration that helps you generate authentic reviews that make a difference and display them where they’re most impactful. Similar to other apps, it’s fully automated and integrates seamlessly in-store, with an easy set-up.

Here’s what we love about Yotpo:

  • Collects detailed reviews from customers wherever they are using our frictionless in-mail technology and via SMS.
  • Requests reviews addressing high-converting topics that actually inspire purchases
  • Showcases relatable experiences and increases the impact of every review with customer photos and videos
  • Fully customisable widget for Shopify, allowing you to collect reviews using a fully kitted out widget that reflects your brand.


  • Free Trial – Unlimted
  • Mid Tier – $19
  • Top Tier – $59

You can learn more about Yotpo here.

So, to conclude, there are tons of great apps out there that allow you to capture reviews from customers and increase your brand exposure. Although often quite similar, each app offers something different in terms of automation, affordability, customisation and integration features. The automation that the apps offer makes it easy for you to simply plug and play with these apps, especially those that offer free trials. By installing some of these simple apps, you can drive up your return on ad spend, and increase customer lifetime value and your average order value, whilst doing minimal work on your side.