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66% YoY uplift in BFCM sales
“We saw the increased performance in all KPIs, despite spend being effectively the same. This was due to smarter use of audience targeting using Leaf’s audience centre.”
Joe Turner – Head of Digital Trade
15% reduction in CAC
“Leaf was the ideal agency for us. We were heavily dependent on them to help us measure performance and refine our messages, creative approach and audiences, to create valuable prospect pools that have helped us to redefine GoCompare for a new audience of potential customers.”
Paul Rogers – Director of Brand & Campaigns
Bear Grylls
“Leaf’s performance marketing services and expertise have been instrumental in helping to launch and scale Bear Grylls’ eCommerce business.”
Elizabeth Webb – Head of Communications
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19% reduction in CAC
“Leaf have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their level of expertise in performance marketing and creative strategy is second to none and they have proven to be a great asset to our team. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we grow our business.”
Rob Bridgman – Founder & CEO
3X increase in sales
“I went to Leaf with an enormous challenge. We needed to create awareness globally for a new brand we just launched but needed to also drive CAC under a specified requirement across all channels, Facebook, Google & Amazon. They jumped at the challenge without flinching and conquered.”
Anthony Longo – VP Marketing
Built for Athletes
15% net profit increase
“Leaf are the first digital marketing partner we’ve had who genuinely put our interests first. Our previous agency partner was only interested in scaling ad spend to boost their own commission. Leaf have brought a laser focus on profit margins per territory and cut out a lot of our wasted spend, greatly improving efficiencies both on Facebook and Google in the process.”
Danny Costello – Marketing Director
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