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A Leaf case study on building an eCommerce structure and ad campaign framework for a comparison site with multiple verticals


GoCompare is a comparison site that helps people make better-informed decisions when buying their insurance. Launched by a team of insurance experts in November 2006, GoCompare is based in Newport, South Wales, and is the only comparison site with BIBA accreditation and membership for the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

With not being able to make paid social work, nor having run any conversion-based online ad campaigns, GoCompare worked with Leaf to kickstart and later on to dovetail brand and performance marketing efforts.


Auditing and refining website tagging, pixel, and technical requirements

Multivariate ads and creatives testing across all placements & platforms

Balancing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Conversion (CPC) and ROI



Reduction In CAC


Ad Iterations


People Reached


By dovetailing brand promotions and performance campaigns under one cohesive paid social strategy, we were able to effectively engage and convert new customers, at scale.


Dovetailing brand promotions and performance campaigns

We began our first 3 months with GoCompare with the objectives of cost-effectively increasing brand engagement and direct response outcomes from paid social brand promotions, as well as widening and deepening retargeting audiences to grow sales and bottom line contribution.

To do this, we first audited and refined the tag, pixel, and technical requirements of the website to match them up with the complexity of GoCompare’s customer journey.

This allowed us to then begin running conversion campaigns based on GoCompare’s Return On Investment (ROI) formula - which we integrated in our proprietary growth engine, Leaf Grow - in order to provide granular performance and dashboard reports of GoCompare’s visitors who became customers for their insurance partners.


Optimising based on data

Campaigns were optimised based on results of scaled audience and creatives.

As a result, high-performing product-focussed brand content were fed into conversions campaigns, while high-performing audiences from conversions campaigns were fed back into top of funnel brand targeting.


Building and replicating a successful vertical framework

With an initial focus on one insurance vertical, we brought down the Cost Per Unique Click-Out-To-Partner, which we then scaled and controlled ad budget for through timed campaigns and bidding to maintain a good balance between Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Conversion (CPC) and ROI.

Having only run traditional brand campaigns before, GoCompare was now able to clearly set aside a certain percentage of total ad spend aside for a brand performance campaign and see an actual attributed and trackable customer journey.

Based on the success of this effort, we then built an eCommerce structure and framework across their different objectives and brand pillars that was then replicable for GoCompare’s other insurance verticals.

This gave GoCompare more control over their ad budget, and a more targeted and strategic eCommerce funnel that makes sense for their bottomline.

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