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We combined a new marketing and data strategy with a deep-dive on unit economics and campaign restructuring to deliver a profitable, full-funnel customer acquisition drive, across multiple territories.


Built for Athletes offers best-in-class fitness backpacks and accessories that are trusted by elite athletes and fitness experts worldwide.

Like many of our clients, Built For Athletes had been overpromised and underserved by an "agency"; pitched by the lions and thrown to the cubs. As such, conversion tracking was amateurish, profits had tanked and performance was overstated. Build for Athletes tasked Leaf with building and executing a new data and digital marketing strategy, to drive significant efficiencies on ad spend and deliver aggressive year on year growth.

Leaf are the first digital marketing partner we’ve had who genuinely put our interests first. Our previous agency partner was only interested in scaling ad spend to boost their own commission. Leaf have brought a laser focus on profit margins per territory and cut out a lot of our wasted spend, greatly improving efficiencies both on Facebook and Google in the process.

Danny Costello - Marketing Director


Optimise. Incentivise. Personalise.

Deliver higher average order values (AOV) on first order and increase profit margins by: improving signal quality for conversion tracking and product feeds; recalibrating ad budgets against a new funnel structure; upgrading the creative strategy and execution.


Tech Services - Facebook pixel, Google tag & product feed audit, enhancement, and maintenance

ROI Gearing - establish target KPIs through unit economics analysis and historical transaction analysis to identify profitable territories.

Campaign Management - full funnel, cross-channel strategy and execution across Facebook and Google ad networks.

Creative Strategy - incentivise higher AOVs (average order values) to increase ROAS and profitability.



net profit increase


average ROAS


conversion rate increase


Improve signal data quality and identify profitable territories based on margin-analysis and historical spend. Increase AOV through strategic cross-selling to balance scalability and profitability.


Sort the signal

After a thorough technical audit of the website we identified mis-firing conversion events on Built For Athlete webpages, leading to loss of retargeting data and the ability to personalise ads via Google Shopping and Facebook's Dynamic Product ads.

The pixel wasn't firing all instances of 'add to cart' and was firing a single currency across the world. If someone were to visit the website from Australia for example, they would be retargeted in British Pounds, instead of their local currency.

We also switched the existing product feed set up to Leaf's solution, to improve the stability of the feed, allow for a greater degree of product title and image customisation and to localise the feed for different territories. Ultimately leading to greater campaign performance.


Unit economics analysis

Next, we restructured the Built For Athletes ad account, which was too granular at the bottom of funnel and not focussed enough at the top of funnel. This was done through a unit economics analysis of profit margins across all target territories, and a historical analysis of ad performance against territories.

This allowed us to not only determine profitable Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) targets for of different territories, but to also segregate each territory into "region buckets" so that ad budget could be better controlled against the most profitable campaigns.


Creative driven performance

As well as driving down cost per acquisition (CPA) through funnel and territory structuring, we also focussed on increasing the average order value (AOV) to find the sweet spot between these two metrics, to help drive maximum revenue per transaction.

Built For Athletes bags are tougher than your work out. Their quality and durability is a core USP but also presents a challenge in that once people buy, they don't need to come back. This has resulted in a relatively low repeat purchase rate and so we strategised a way to maximise the order value on the first purchase.

Another USP for the brand is that you can customise your bag, which had previously not been used as part of the marketing strategy. We introduced multi-format content showing how you can customise your bag with name, country and slogan patches. This was combined with cross-selling on the website at the point of purchase.


tailoring & localisation

We customised creatives for each section of the funnel, talking to customers differently at each stage of discovery, consideration and intent. We localised the Customise Your Bag creatives to showcase relevant flag patches for each territory group; personalising the creatives for the regions we were targeting.

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The traffic they are driving to the website is much more targeted and relevant as evidenced by a doubling in overall site conversion in just over 4 months. Such is the confidence we have in their team we have recently instructed them to manage our SEO also.

Danny Costello, Marketing Director

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