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Leaf was approached by Bear Grylls Ventures (BGV) in spring 2019 to help launch and grow Bear Grylls’ new eCommerce store. Leaf was tasked with developing and executing a performance marketing strategy for paid social, to deliver significant sales growth, in collaboration with BGV and their eCommerce management partner, Retrofuzz.


Bear Grylls Ventures (BGV) is a management and production company based out of the UK. BGV manages all television, film, books, licensing and endorsement deals for Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls Ventures turned to Leaf to help launch and grow its eCommerce store through Leaf's signature Signal, Strategy, and Attribution framework.

Leaf's performance marketing services and expertise have been instrumental in helping to launch and scale Bear Grylls’ eCommerce business.

Elizabeth Webb, Head of Communications at Bear Grylls Ventures


We split the Bear Grylls Ventures eCommerce project into 3 key phases

  • Prelaunch - Building an initial customer base for the store using an incentivised email signup campaign across Facebook & Instagram: "15% discount on your first order".
  • Store launch - Customer prospecting, audience/product testing and segmentation in Q3/Q4 leading up to the Q4 sales period
  • Q4 sales period - Sales discounting and product bundling over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the '12 Days of Christmas' periods.

Facebook Pixel & Catalogue audit, implementation and maintenance to ensure maximum signal quality throughout the project.

Selective audience targeting through Bear Grylls' existing social media audiences, email list, existing customer retargeting, interest clusters & lookalike targeting, across key eCommerce territories

Multivariate creatives testing across all placements & platforms featuring Bear Grylls, products & Bear Grylls with products (with and without logo)

Updating store and social media profiles to match season specific ad creatives for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the Christmas period


We hit BGV's yearly email signups target in 2 weeks and achieved profitable return on ad spend (ROAS) through smart targeting & optimisation; we doubled the ROAS target for the Q4 sales period.




Email Subscriber Growth


Sales Growth


Audience, product, creative and territory testing to deliver insight, customers and profit.


Building a base for growth

We tested product range appetite amongst existing and new social audiences and built initial customer base in key eCommerce regions, prior to the launch of the store. We also ran an email signup campaign: "15% discount on your first order", which generated cost-effective quality email signups in key eCommerce territories over 2 weeks.

Testing product appetite in this way helped to de-risk investment of time and resources across a range of areas - it helped to inform inventory management, creative direction and campaign strategy for the launch of the store.


Rapid testing for smart scaling

Between Q3 and Q4, we drove mass awareness of Bear Grylls' new store and product lines, built purchase data & retargeting audiences, and identified scalable conversion trends across new and existing audiences. This was done through customer prospecting, and audience/product testing and segmentation in Q3/Q4 leading up to the Q4 sales period.

Through our testing during this time, we found that images containing products drove over 78% of all purchases and images featuring the logo drove over 85% of all purchases. This combination was then used to great effect during the Q4 sales phase.


Maximum customer acquisition

The goal for Phase 3 (Q4 sales period) was maximum customer acquisition at profitable return on ad spend, and to identify a clear core "purchase persona" ahead of a large intake of stock and eCommerce scaling in 2020. Purposeful executions during the Prelaunch and Store Launch phases helped build the foundation for success at Phase 3.

With Q4 being a time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, we focussed on presenting a clear and cohesive sales message, which was reinforced from first to last touch point: ads - socials - store.

Through the use of pre-optimised imagery, coupled with seasonal banners and strong offers, we were able to deliver a significant uplift in sales and return on ad spend. The strength of the creatives and coherent nature of ads-store-socials also helped to build mass brand exposure and engagement for the store. All of this allowed us to drive double the ROAS target at 7x return on ad spend for the Q4 sales period.


Multivariate concepts were tested across all Facebook placements & platforms with images featuring Bear Grylls, products, & Bear Grylls with products. All images were tested with and without the Bear Grylls logo.

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The Leaf team have always hugely exceeded our expectations with their level of service, attention to detail and return on investment. We recommend them to every eCommerce client we work with.

Jonathan McNamara, CEO Retrofuzz

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