Growth as a Service

Powered by technology. Led by data. Managed by experts.


Proprietary frameworks and growth-engine-technology deliver unrivalled efficiencies and return on ad spend.


Built from the experience of executing successful campaigns for entertainment and eCommerce brands, all over the globe.


Distilled and delivered weekly, with all the key metrics you need to make the right decisions.


Evolutionary Peformance Marketing

Our end-to-end managed service combines proprietary growth-engine technology and leading paid social marketing expertise to power significant and sustainable company growth.

Leaf Grow is a Shopify Partner and the first and only Facebook Marketing Partner in the world specialising in Entertainment and eCommerce performance marketing. We’re recognized as a true industry expert and trusted by brands all over the globe.

We handle everything from strategy, ad creation and copywriting, through to campaign launch, optimisation and reporting. We realise lucrative opportunities in paid social advertising for startups, scale-ups and enterprise businesses.

We tackle the tough stuff, so you don’t have to.


Audience Development Process





OKRs & Benchmarks / Budget & Tactics




Tracking Implementation


Customer journey mapping & event triggers







Multivariate Testing


Realtime configuration modelling & rapid learning






Audience Calibration / Budget Scaling / Creative Iteration






Best Performing




Data Feedback Loop


Strategic Refinement & Campaign Optimisation









You’re in good company



We focus on results and customer service

Your success is our success.

Our reputation is built on best-in-class technology, market leading results and premium service delivery.

Our smart marketing automation handles the operational grind and allows us to put our energy where it matters most; performance & service.


What our customers say


“Leaf’s technology and team consistently deliver outstanding results and service.”.

Aaron Bogucki, VP Digital Marketing

"Leaf's mix of platform and on-tap advice has revolutionised the way we approach growth, with great results!"

Stuart Berwick, Co-Founder

“Leaf has been able to reach out to an artist’s true fan, build a real army and grow their audience exponentially.”

Josh D’Amore, Digital Strategist


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