Growth Engine Technology

Take the time and guesswork out of the game.




Quick. Smart. Simple.


Automated Campaign Generation

Work on it, not in it.

Leaf Grow automatically generates the ideal custom audience ad-set, platform and ad placement combinations for your chosen campaign type, meaning your campaigns are pre-optimised to deliver better ad performance.

We save you time on execution so you can focus on strategy.


Multivariate Resonance Testing

More testing, more data, more answers.

Leaf Grow automatically creates up to fifty ad combinations including images, videos, text, posts vs ads, URLs and CTAs and duplicates them across all your ad sets. The platform tests thousands of asset / audience combinations to identify the content that resonates best.

Let your customers tell you what they like.





Precision targeting & optimisation for maximum return on ad spend.


Intuitive Territory Targeting

Target all the right locations with just a couple of clicks.

Leaf Grow uses the latest market research data from renowned global sources to provide digital marketers with a range of pre-populated geographic and socio-economic territory pools built for music marketers, e-Commerce, app developers, and SME lead gen.


Interest Audience Development

Laser target the people who’ll love your brand.

Build high-performing interest based audiences, using Leaf Grow’s Interest Crucible framework. Leaf Grow auto-generates custom interest audiences allowing you to easily test hundreds of relevant interest keywords and hyper-target your content at all the right broad and/or niche audiences for your brand. We also show you which interests are performing best.


Real-Time Budget Optimisation

Make your ad spend go so much further.

Leaf Grow uses evolutionary principles to optimise your campaign performance automatically, calibrating budgets across your ads and ad-set audiences in real-time to amplify the best performing combinations and maximise your results.





We distill and present the most important performance metrics for your campaigns.


Campaign Insights Dashboard

Effortless reporting at your fingertips.

All the key campaign metrics you need to see at a glance, curated automatically based on your campaign type.


Automated Email Reporting

Keep everybody happy.

Our set-it-and-forget-it email reports are sent straight to you, your team and your clients when you want them.


Interest Performance Insights

Laser target the people who love your brand.

Identify the super interests driving ROI for your brand with up to 12 different performance metrics for every interest you’re targeting.