Multivariate Ad Creation & Testing

Multivariate Ad Creation & Testing

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Social media marketing has become a science and experimentation is the key to success. To maximise your return on ad spend you need to test, refine and repeat.

It’s easy to get lost when running experiments, especially when there’s a lot of variables. More often that not you end up back at square one, guessing what worked and what didn’t.

This masterclass covers conceptual design and iteration and the shows you how to structure your ad experiments so you can test a lot variants, whilst easily identify the things that are driving success for your ads.

What’s involved:

  • Building Your Concepts - things to bear in mind

  • Isolating Your Variables - know what you’re testing and how to tweak

  • Iterative Design - let data lead design

  • Reading Results - how to gain insight from the data that matters

This masterclass come with a handy Facebook Ad Specs Guide, which covers all the image, video and text specifications for all the different placements on all the different channels across the Facebook ads network (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network).

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