Copywriting for Conversion

Copywriting for Conversion

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Learn how to write social advertising copy that works across the Facebook ad network (inc. Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network).

Billions of ads are served across Facebook everyday and there’s a tyranny of click-bait out there. How do you rise above the mire? How can you trigger valuable customer action with copy? How do words and imagery work together?

Your message is crucial.

This masterclass covers some of the standard tenets of effective copywriting and how to apply them to the competitive crucible, of social ads copy.

What’s included?

  • Fear & Longing in the Long Grass - the psychology of your audience and how they behave on social media.

  • Apollo & Dionysus - how to structure “The Sell” without being too “Selly”.

  • Limitations & Opportunities: different ad placements and how to write for them

  • The Big Click: craft calls-to-action your customers can’t ignore

This masterclass comes with a takeaway Leaf Grow Ads Copy Template & Best Practice Guide.

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