Feature Focus - Smart Territory Targeting For Facebook & Instagram Ads

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In this edition of our Feature Focus series, we look at Leaf Grow’s intuitive territory targeting capabilities and how territory targeting can fundamentally affect the success of your campaign.


Improve Your Territory Targeting

Reach all the right locations with just a couple of clicks


Whether you’re part of a digital team for a global company or a sole trader selling locally, Facebook ads manager is a one-size-fits-all tool. This can make it complex, unwieldy and unintuitive for a lot of digital marketers.

Leaf Grow’s territory targeting feature addresses this by pulling in data from a range of leading global market research and media distribution sources to offer pre-populated territory groupings based on geographic and socio-economic segments. Groupings such as Mature Spotify MarketsMost time spent on mobile games and Highest median GDP per capita offer intuitive options for music companies, games developers and digital marketing agencies alike.

These territory datasets are updated regularly with the product, becoming smarter as the system starts to identify and surface territorial trends for use by the platform community.

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Where & Why?

Deciding which territories you would like to target for your campaign should be led by your objective. If, as a music marketer you are looking to build an audience in the run-up to an important tour for your act, then it makes sense to build audiences in the key touring destinations. If the objective is to drive fans to streaming platforms, then target regions that have decent premium streaming penetration levels and a clear penchant for the type of music you’re promoting.

As a retailer, it might not make sense to ship to certain territories due to transport costs and/or and import tariffs so there’s no point including these in your targeting.

Other territories have profoundly different cultural nuances and practices that you could never learn from simple market research. At the risk of inadvertently offending a nation, it’s best to wait until you can employ some regional knowledge, then you can localise your content and avoid a potentially embarrassing faux pas situation, or worse, reputational damage.

It’s important to be mindful of the territories in which your other marketing endeavours are active, such as traditional PR, radio and TV etc, and how your digital campaigns dovetail, support and inform these other channel tactics as part of a strategic whole.

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Different Territories, Different Costs

Due to varying levels of advertiser demand for impressions across different regions, certain territories are more expensive to advertise in than others. This means that if you have a compounded group of territories in one campaign, say the whole of the European Union or the Americas for example, then Facebook will skew your ad budgets towards the cheapest territories within that grouping – only a small handful of Conversions campaigns are an exception to this rule.

As a general rule, the narrower your targeting the more expensive your results.

This isn’t a problem if the value obtained from this narrow segment is worth it. However, if you’re on a tight budget then spreading the net a little wider can yield more cost-effective results. There is a sweet spot between ‘too narrow’ and ‘too wide’ and this depends on what your promoting and what your objective is. Starting your campaign with proportionately wide targeting parameters feeds Leaf Grow with a healthy dose of data to analyse and act upon.

Campaign optimisation is about focussing in on a trend and amplifying it for maximum results

If the targeting parameters are too wide or too narrow, you run the risk of amplifying the wrong trend or missing an opportunity respectively. It’s worth asking yourself whether your targeting plan is coherent with what you’re trying to achieve before launching a campaign.


Isolate different territory groups to protect your budget

Consider splitting your territory targeting by campaign, grouping countries with similar economic standing. Don’t split your territories differently across the ad-sets within the same campaign, as you’ll dilute the custom audience testing and your budget will be skewed towards the ad set(s) with the cheapest territories.

If you have varying levels of priority amongst your target territories then also consider splitting your budgets across these territorial campaign groups, to reflect your priorities.

In summary, your targeting should always be objective led and strategically aligned with other your campaigns. Keep an eye on the costs and always let the data inform your decision making.