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In 2017 Leaf started an industry-funded R&D exercise to establish what the widespread critical pain-points are for digital marketers in terms of engaging, growing and monetising audiences and how we could harness our expertise and technology to pioneer an evolution in smart social marketing.

Today, we would like to give you a sneak preview of our essential new subscription platform for digital marketers   Leaf Grow.


Do more, in less time, with better results

Leaf Grow is a smart automation platform for Facebook & Instagram ads that takes the pain and guesswork out of campaign setup, management and reporting, to deliver unrivalled return on ad spend.

We’ve run over 5000 Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for everybody from local businesses to some of the world’s most prestigious brands, so we know first hand how much of an expensive and laborious battle it can be.

We’ve now distilled all our knowledge and expertise into an effortless solution that helps you scale and improve your marketing experiments to reach the right audience, in the right place, with the right content.


Birth of a Growth Engine

In the summer of 2014, courtesy of an invitation from the British government, Leaf’s founders uprooted from their native Costa Rica and landed in the UK armed with serious software engineering and content production chops and a mission — to help empower the artist ecosystem to engage, grow and monetise music fans, at scale.

In the 18 months that followed, Leaf built its flagship artist discovery platform Leaf Music and acquired millions of users to establish it above Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer as the №1 music app in Latin America. This was achieved with no prior marketing experience and a shoestring budget.

Build. Test. Improve.

Naivety  -  with no professional knowledge of digital marketing Leaf approached it in the only way it knew how, as an engineering project. Scripts were coded to automate and scale manual marketing operations, whilst realtime data was used to optimise audience targeting and continuous creative design iteration.

Necessity  - as the tech and process developed Leaf started to generate industry-leading CPA’s for downloads of its app. It became apparent that in striving for cost-effective results due to budget limitations, Leaf had created potentially something even more valuable - a proprietary growth engine  for highly cost-effective audience acquisition.

Growth-engine-as-a-service - in order to test the market appetite for its technology and to help inform what a self-serve product for digital marketers might look like, Leaf created an agency division and began offering audience development services to a wide range of companies, with exceptional results.

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Within twelve months Leaf was working with over 100 clients across the globe, feeding all the campaign data and learnings into a simple, powerful solution for digital marketers everywhere.

We’re now handing all this expertise back to the industry, in a box.

Interested? Learn more and book a consultation today.