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Meet Chewie - A Fuzzball Of Automation

We developed an AI to help automate the client onboarding process and streamline project management. Why? So that we can spend less time on repetitive admin and more time on strategic execution. Chewie takes care of client onboarding, task management and anything else that can get in the way of us focusing on campaign strategy and sustainable growth.

So how does it work? 

Chewie creates a google drive shared folder containing personalised documents for the client to help them give us all the right access to the ad accounts. Within this drive, Chewie produces guides for ad copy, ad interest crucibles and assets folders. This helps speed up the onboarding process and make sure the team receives all the necessary info and assets from the client. The bot then goes on to automatically provide access to all necessary personnel, from the leaf team to the client team. At the end of the process, Chewie sends off notification through a slack channel confirming all the steps have been successful. It's a start to finish a fantastic piece of automation that does the busy work that nobody in their right mind would ever want to actually do.

What is so great about Chewie is that what it’s doing is essential and very necessary work, but it is long administrative work that eats up hours of the day. Having an AI that can autocomplete the tasks and notify us all when it’s done, gives us the peace of mind to focus our attention on the development of strategy.

Polly, our Production Executive, has this to say about ol' Fuzzball:

“I simply need to message Chewie on slack with the client's name and that's all I need to do! He’ll automatically make all of our client's onboarding documents and folders. It saves so much time not having to manually create each document specific to each client! Chewie also lets the rest of the team know when a new client has landed, so everyone is kept up to date on new clients!”

In fact, Chewie is so good at what he does that one of our Performance Marketing team spent months thinking Chewie was a living breathing member of our administration team and no idea it was a bot!

So to conclude, Chewie does what we don’t want to do, giving us the time to focus on the stuff that matters. Our tech is helping us streamline our processes and provide a better all-around service to our clients, giving us faster onboarding and integration. You might be thinking Chewie is pretty cool, but trust me, he’s just the tip of the tech iceberg. We’ll be rolling out more info on our tech stack over the next few months, so get ready to learn about what really sets us apart as an agency. No. Tech company.

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