Introducing Leafy – A Fuzzball Of Automation

We developed an AI to help automate the client onboarding process and streamline project management. Why? So that we can spend less time on repetitive admin and more time on strategic execution.

“Leafy is a great example of why being a tech company in a sea of agencies gives us a competitive advantage – we can deliver our service so much more efficiently. It helps us manage costs at scale whilst providing a better service experience and ultimately better performance for our clients.” Wesley Hartley – Chief Revenue Officer.

So how does it work? 

Leafy automatically creates a shared Google Drive folder containing personalised documents and guides for our clients, to help them give us all the access and assets we need.

Within the drive, Leafy produces template briefs and guides for ad copy, audience targeting (using Leaf’s interest crucibles) and organised asset folders. The bot then goes on to automatically provide access to all necessary personnel from both the Leaf and client teams.

Finally, Leafy sends a notification through a designated Slack channel confirming onboarding has started and the teams from our creative, performance and data departments get to work on their piece of the process.

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Polly, our Production Executive, has this to say about ol’ Fuzzball:

“I simply need to message Leafy on Slack with the client’s name and that’s all I need to do. It saves so much time not having to do everything manually for each client.“

Leafy is so good at what he does that one of our Performance Marketing team spent months thinking Leafy was a living breathing member of our production team and had no idea it was a bot!

Leafy is one of a suite of proprietary automation solutions that does what we don’t want to or can’t physically do. Our tech is fundamental in helping us to save time and make smarter decisions, allowing us to focus on the stuff that really matters. We can streamline processes, rapidly surface insight from data and provide a better all-around service to our clients; in this case, giving us and our clients a more frictionless onboarding process.

Watch Leafy In Action

Leafy is just the tip of the tech iceberg.

We’ll be rolling out more info on our tech stack over the next few months, so get ready to learn about what really sets us apart from your more traditional marketing agency.

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