Feature Focus - Super Interest Targeting with Leaf Grow’s Interest Crucibles

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In this series of blogs, we explore all the key features of Leaf Grow and how they help you engage, grow and monetise quality audiences.

In this edition we cover Leaf Grow’s Interest Crucible and Super Interest targeting features and how these help drive quality audience acquisition. Check out the brief video above for how this feature works.


Reach the right fans, in the right place

Interest groups on Facebook and Instagram are largely made up of pages people have liked, groups they’ve joined and content they’ve engaged with. Interests targeting is useful for nearly any type of campaign and we’ll address some of these uses below.


Quality audience acquisition

Interests targeting allows you to reach and acquire relevant new audiences across demographic boundaries by hyper-targeting collections of niche and/or broad audiences with your content. Interests targeting can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on how granular you want or need to be. It’s an essential part of painting a picture of your key audience persona. Targeting parameters such as territory, age group and gender are the broad brush strokes, whilst interests provide the colour and can really help focus your targeting. Applied with consideration, interests targeting can yield excellent results and will help you to build a quality core audience.


Expanding the reach of your campaign

To run cost-effective campaigns, you need a large enough relevant audience pool to target. Unless you have an existing audience which stretches into the 100s of 1000s, it’s going to be difficult to run cost-effective campaigns only against your existing audience. This is especially true for campaigns where you get a lot of reach for your dollar, such as Facebook and Instagram video promotion campaigns. You’ll very quickly saturate your audience and will show the same ads to the same people too many times. This will increase your cost-per-result unnecessarily and could alienate your audience.


Building core audience profiling data

With interest targeting you can reach a plethora of different audiences and test how your content resonates with them.

Start by building a profile of who you think your core fan/customer is and create a group of interests relevant to this profile. There will be many similar artists and brands out there and you can target their fans/customers using interest targeting. You should also consider the wider cultural touch-points around these fans/customers — they’re not only interested in your product or brand, or even contemporary stuff — think about what else they’re interested in. It’s all worth testing.

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Super Interest Testing

Identify high performing interests for your brand


Leaf Grow’s Super Interest feature enables you to auto-generate a custom audience containing one interest and test this against another auto-generated custom audience containing many interests. If this one interest performs better than the group containing many you know you have a very high performing interest for your brand/product.

For those with small audiences interest targeting is crucial.

You can search for individual interests and the platform will recommend similar interests, which you can add to your target pool. You can also copy and paste a bunch of interests you may already have in a document into Leaf Grow. You can enter or copy and paste hundreds of interests into the platform and the system will target anybody who falls into any of these categories.

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Leaf Grow automatically generates an ad set specific to your interests group (Interest Crucible) and will test this audience against the other custom audiences it auto-generates, such as your page audience, lookalike audiences and people who have engaged with your content, for example. It will then optimise your budgets across these different ad-set audiences, calibrating spend against the best-performing ones to help maximise return on ad spend.

Leaf Grow automatically generates, tests and optimises your budget against a multitude of custom audience ad sets.

Leaf Grow automatically generates, tests and optimises your budget against a multitude of custom audience ad sets.


Interest Crucibles

We’ve developed a template framework for building interest groups for the campaigns we run, which we call an Interest Crucible. For every campaign we run, we build and test an Interest Crucible audience. Even if your Interest Crucible audience doesn’t perform as well as other audiences you’re targeting, it provides you with useful data and it’s great practice in helping you to build that picture of your key audience persona and understand who your core audience is. As a Leaf Grow subscriber we provide you with a downloaded Interest Crucible template and best-practice documentation for how to build quality Interest Crucibles for your campaigns. We can also provide 1–2–1 Leaf Guru sessions, to give you tips and strategic advice on getting the best out of your campaigns.

We don’t pretend to know everything, but we’ve run over 5000+ Facebook and Instagram campaigns and as a technology company testing and data is part of our DNA.

More experiments. More data. More answers.