How To - Facebook & Instagram Video Views Campaigns


In this blog series we’ll be exploring all the different campaign types you can launch through Leaf Grow, what the benefits and pitfalls are and what you can expect in terms of results and outcomes.

In this piece, we’ll cover Facebook & Instagram video promotion campaigns. Above is a brief video on how to launch a highly-tuned highly targeted video promotion campaign with very little effort.

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Awareness & Engagement

You might be thinking — why would I promote a video on Facebook or Instagram, when videos are sound-off by default and views are only counted after three seconds? It’s a fair question.

Facebook and Instagram are social networks at their core and it’s the interconnectedness of community on these platforms that provides an opportunity for brands to reach and engage a large relevant audience with video, for very little money.

YouTube, which is a pure-play video platform, only counts a video view after 30 seconds, whereas Facebook and Instagram count views after 2, 3 and 10 seconds. This means much more reach for your dollar.

Even with a limited budget you can drive mass brand awareness, engagement and build very granular audience and content performance data.
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Build Audiences, Build Knowledge

Leaf Grow enables you to easily target hyper-relevant audiences in any territory. The reach potential of Facebook and Instagram video promotion allows for garnering a large quality data set. This means plenty of valuable insights on the audiences engaging with the video and also granular content performance data.

You can segment this data based on your preferences and objectives. You might want to segment those people who watched 100% of the video, or those who commented or shared it the most and filter this by territory and age group for example. These types of insights give you a clearer picture of who your core audience is and will help to improve campaign targeting and ultimately results.

With Leaf Grow you can get these campaigns up and running in under two minutes for as little as £2 per day.


Enhance the feedback loop

This segmentation also allows you to build custom audiences from people who watched the video for a specific amount of time and retarget them with additional campaigns. You could, for example, retarget all the people who watched at least 75% of your video and drive them to your website as part of a Link Clicks or sales Conversion campaign.


Beyond Engagement

As an additional benefit to having people engage with your content, we’ve seen that promoting videos to the right kind of audiences can help grow your following on Facebook or Instagram. These are high-quality audiences. They like your content and they’re asking for more by choosing to follow you after watching it.

A video campaign is also useful for feeding other campaigns. You can use the cost-effective reach of video promotion to drive traffic to your website to help increase purchases by feeding a parallel retargeting campaign using pixel data. By using a link to a desired location such as your website in the copy of your video post, you’re not only providing people with additional opportunities to engage, but you can then grab that post in Leaf Grow and use it as an ad for a sales or traffic campaign.

Frustratingly, Facebook videos are sound-off by default and the sound-on percentage of organic views, even when boosting, is generally very low. By promoting videos through Leaf Grow you’ll achieve a much higher number of sound-on views, because the system serves your content to the right fans, in the right place, which increases the chance they’ll watch it with the sound on.

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The Audience Development Journey

It’s important to remember that a video campaign in isolation is only so useful.

It’s about what you do with the audiences engaging with the video and the data that they yield.

The objective with engagement campaigns is to build relationships with your audience and take them on a journey to being a paying customer. Once they’ve been on that journey, it doesn’t mean they’re in stasis as a paying customer forever, you have to keep engaging them.

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