How To - Facebook & Instagram Post Engagement Campaigns


In this feature in our ‘How To’ series we’ll look at the benefits of Facebook & Instagram post engagement campaigns and how Leaf Grow can help you drive quality targeted engagement on your posts, with a modest budget and very little effort.

Above is a short video showing you how to easily launch a post-engagement campaign with Leaf Grow.


Why pay for engagement?

Why not? Everybody else is and if you’re not, then you’re at a disadvantage. This doesn’t mean you have to spend mega-bucks to beat the competition, it just means you have to know what the benefits to this campaign type are and how to use them to your advantage. As with any campaign, be smart about your targeting and what your objective is as part of a wider strategic game plan.


So what are the benefits?

Post engagement campaigns are useful for several purposes, depending on what you’re promoting and what type of industry you’re in.

Post engagement allows for cost-effective reach, which means good exposure across, and depending on your budget, beyond your page audience. However, this is all about quality over quantity.

Used in combination with Leaf Grow’s smart demographics and interest targeting you’ll achieve quality reach, engaging the right people in the right place. Leaf Grow optimises your campaign by analysing the engagement trend it’s seeing and then calibrates budgets accordingly to serve your post(s) to the types of audiences engaging the most.

Paid does increase organic

People engaging with a post make it visible to others (their friends/followers) by way of interacting with it. This helps propagate your content organically and this chain effect (virality) can yield great results and is at the very core of why Facebook and Instagram are such effective marketing platforms.

Running post engagement campaigns means all the goodness (engagement) stays on your page. Running dark ads for engagement means that once the campaign finishes and the ads disappear, so does the visible engagement.

Post engagement campaigns are also a good way to (re)ignite your page audience, especially if this is a new audience acquired from running a page likes campaign, or a dormant audience. You could even run page likes and post engagement campaigns in parallel — a kind of ‘bring ‘em in and hit ‘em up’ approach - as part of the audience development journey we discussed in the How To — Facebook & Instagram Video Views Promotion blog.

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What counts as engagement?

In short — reactions, comments, shares, post clicks, photo and video views, event responses, offers saved and check-ins.


Am I not just paying for vanity metrics?

Yep. Things like page likes, video views and post engagement are vanity metrics, but that doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly useful. Entire industries and cultures are built on vanity. Kylie Jenner just became one of the youngest billionaires ever thanks in part to her Instagram following.

For artists in the music industry having good post-engagement on your page will look good to potential promoters, bloggers, labels, management, playlist editors and potential new fans. For brands selling nearly any kind of product, good post engagement can help foster consumer trust, build hype and ultimately drive more sales, especially if this is part of a strategic engagement marketing campaign.


How should I run this?

Set up a post engagement campaign in Leaf Grow (see video above) to promote one or several posts and use a continuous daily budget, as modest or meaningful as you like. Maybe let the cost-per-engagement lead you here — how much engagement do you want on the post(s)? Once the cost-per-engagement stabilises then you’ll have a general idea of how much it’ll cost you to achieve x number of engagements.

Consider your audience and how you want your posts to look. If you’re concerned about the perception of paying for engagement then be careful not to have too much engagement on one post as things need to look relatively congruous with your page audience and other posts. Consider stopping the campaign or capping your engagements by removing posts from the campaign when they hit the desired ceiling engagement number. If you’re not bothered how this looks then you’re only constrained by your budget and your appetite.

Engagement is a good thing, it’s worth paying for and if you’re going to pay for it then do it with conviction and make sure you’re getting the right people engaging.