How To - Facebook Page Likes Campaigns


Unlike Instagram, there is a direct way to grow your page audience on Facebook and with Leaf Grow’s automated campaign setups, multivariate testing and optimisation capabilities, this easy to launch and drive cost-effective results for. CPA however will be heavily dictated by the market you’re operating in, the content you’re pushing and how you structure your targeting parameters.

Check out the video above for how to launch this campaign in Leaf Grow and read on for a discussion on why paying for page likes can leave a significant campaign legacy.


Page Likes - Value & Myth

Of all the different types of custom audience, your direct connection (page likes) audience is undoubtedly one of, if not your most important. The 'People who like your page’ audience is a consistent performer for nearly all campaign types and really comes into its own for conversions campaigns. Time and again we see this audience as the best-performer in terms of CPA, which goes to show how valuable a page like can be, if you treat them right.

Firstly, this campaign type is unique in that it requires a very specific ad format, you can’t use existing posts as ads for this campaign and you’re limited to only being able to serve your ads to the Facebook mobile and desktop feed placements.

Choosing ad placements in Leaf Grow - above the default setting for a Page Likes campaign.

Choosing ad placements in Leaf Grow - above the default setting for a Page Likes campaign.


Page likes campaigns are useful for a variety of reasons:

  • accelerating the growth of your page audience

  • growing your audience within specific demographics

  • core audience profiling

  • testing your content and the appetite for your brand/product

  • as a high-value retargeting audience for link clicks, conversions, video promotion and post engagement campaigns

Appearance is everything.

If you’re a brand a large page audience makes you look popular and can engender trust in and good sentiment towards your brand. As an artist a good sized page audience can help with pitches to bloggers, playlist editors and agents/managers for tour supports. It’s important to have good engagement on the page too, so you’ll need to promote your content to reach your all your page audience and drive that engagement. Video views and post engagement campaigns are great for this purpose.


Effortless Campaign Launching

With automated custom ad-sets generation


Not all page likes are created equal

People who’ve already bought something, been to see you live, or heard a song and then liked your page, are generally going to be a higher-quality page like than somebody who’s seen an ad for a few seconds and clicked ‘like’. That doesn’t mean the latter can’t become as valuable as the former, but the former are further along the audience development journey. They’ve been exposed to your brand, engaged with you on some meaningful level and then chosen to like your page. That’s several high-value actions. By running ads to acquire page likes you’re doing this in reverse, so you have to engage these new audiences, relatively quickly and regularly in order to take them on a journey to becoming core fan and/or paying customer.


Every audience has a use

Consider carefully what you want to use your page audience for before launching your campaign, as this will help you to determine what your targeting parameters should be.

Timing can play a big factor.

As a brand you may want to grow your audience in the run up to a new product release and launch event.

As an artist/band, if you have an impending tour across the UK then it makes sense to grow your audience in the UK. If you’re touring across a much larger country such as the US and you’re only touring in certain states, then it might make sense not to target the entire country but target in and around your destination cities/states. 

If you want to drive sales of your new product or streams of your new song/album then you can afford to spread the net wider to include all the territories where you can ship to, or where premium audio-streaming penetration is matured. Leaf Grow makes it effortless to target territories based on socio-economic or geographic behaviour, offering pre-populated one-click territory groups such as Top commerce spend per capita, Western Europe or Top 20 premium streaming markets (% of pop).


Am I not just buying fake likes?

In a word, no. You’ll be able to safely steer clear of the click-farms if you know which countries/regions to avoid. Interest-based targeting is really important here, as this will help you target the right kind of audiences across demographic boundaries. Read our detailed guide to interest targeting here

The cost of a page like varies significantly between and within some regions. This shouldn’t be seen entirely as a reflection of the quality of a page like, but as an indicator of the competitive advertising landscape, which in turn can be a signifier of the market potential for your brand/product in that region.

Within Europe for example, the cost-per-page like differs quite a lot between Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. Within North America, the cost is very different between the US/Canada and Mexico. It’s important to bear this in mind when setting up your campaigns. Our blog on smart territory targeting will help you structure your campaigns to get the most out of your budget and avoid spending in territories that don’t align with your campaign objective(s).


Shouldn’t I concentrate on organic growth?

Consistent organic growth is the ideal scenario. It’s free/cheaper and usually of high-quality but broadly speaking, unless you’re churning out regular quality content and/or you’re benefitting from lots of non-digital exposure/brand awareness, then it’s going to be difficult to grow your page audience organically, at any decent speed. 

Unless you’re a media outlet it’s also going to be more difficult (more expensive) to grow your page audience if you’re a brand, than if you’re a music act for example. People naturally have more affinity with people brands rather than company brands. Enabling people to follow each other is the primary function for Facebook. The platform is organically biased towards people.

Other campaigns may result in page likes as a secondary value. This can be quite common with video promotion campaigns, but these likes are rarely more cost-effective than the ones acquired from a direct page likes campaign.

If you’re a retailer with broad market appeal you may even see a positive return on ad spend from your page likes campaign, as people who like your page then go on to visit it and then go on to buy something advertised on your page. This sale will be attributable to your ads if they do this within 7 days. It may not take many purchases to deliver this return if you’re driving cost-effective page likes.

As you can see, there are many benefits to running a page likes campaign and if you use this audience wisely you’ll be able to derive value from it again and again.