Facebook's New Content Monetisation Tools - What You Need To Know

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Facebook recently opened up its Ad Breaks video monetisation and Creator Studio to a wide section of its community so publishers and creators alike can easily earn money from their Facebook content and manage it in a centralised location. Facebook also gave a preview of its forthcoming Brand Collabs Manager which they say “is a marketplace that helps brands and creators find, learn more about and connect with each other.”

The company also announced the eligibility criteria that you need to meet before you can be considered for pay-outs on your content.


The Options - What Facebook Says

Ad Breaks - include short ads in your videos

Ad breaks help you get rewarded for doing what you love, enabling you to earn money by including short ads in your eligible videos. Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content or you can choose your own placements.

Brand Collabs Manager- collaborate with brands who want to support your content.

Advertisers have told us they want to discover the most relevant creators for their brands and to build collaborations with creators who speak to their communities with authenticity and influence.

Brand Collabs Manager allows creators to get discovered and generate new deals from advertisers on Facebook.

Creator Studio - manage all of your monetisation tools and more.

Creator Studio has everything you need to manage content, publish posts and view insights across all of your Pages at once. You can also easily take advantage of new features and monetisation opportunities as they become available to you.


The Criteria - How To Qualify

Apart from being an established Facebook page (not profile) for at least 90 days, there’s four other qualifying criteria you need to meet. Here’s the lowdown:

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I don’t meet the qualifying criteria 😞 Fear not…Leaf Grow is here! 🧙‍♂️

I’m going to assume you live in a qualifying country. There’s nothing Leaf Grow can do about that, save us turning up with a removals van and helping you start a new life somewhere else. Sorry, not happening.

I’m also going to assume you create/publish eligible content (nobody of any sane mind or decent moral standing wants your weird fake news thanks) and that you know that you need to promote it otherwise nobody will see it (sad truth).

That leaves the 10k followers and 30k one-minute views metrics. This we can do something about.

This is going to be a seriously competitive marketplace, so if you’re a creator it’s important for your stats to look as good as possible to increase your chances of securing a brand collaboration through Facebook’s forthcoming Brand Collabs Manager, which according to Facebook:

automatically displays your audience insights, performance data and past brand partnerships.

Given that you need 30k one-minute views over the past 60 days on your three minute videos, there’s no time like the present to start promoting your content, so that when 'Brand Collabs Manager' goes live, you can be one of first to the table. Brands are also looking for reach, so generally speaking the larger your page audience the better, especially if you can evidence high engagement levels on your posts.


The Answer - 3 Ways to Monetisation with Leaf Grow

Leaf Grow can help you reach 10k followers, 30k one-minute views ad improvement engagement on your page quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Below are three different ad campaign types you can run to grow your Facebook page audience, promote your videos to grow your view count and increase the engagement on your posted content. Given the numbers needed to be eligible for monetisation, figuring out a way to reach them cost-effectively will depend a lot on the territories you’re advertising in, how established your already are as a brand and the market you’re operating in. Again, we can do something about this and we’ll cover more on these three points later, but first, here’s the ‘How-To’ on the three ad campaign types you can run.


Facebook Page Likes Audience Growth


Leaf Grow enables you to launch a campaign to grow your Facebook page audience directly, using Facebook’s specific Page Likes campaign option. You can easily test a large range of imagery, video and messaging to determine what works best at getting people to like your page and thereby drive down the cost of acquiring a page like. Leaf Grow automatically tests all your different creative asset combinations against a whole range of auto-generated custom-audiences and calibrates your budget across your best-performing ads and assets to drive significant efficiencies on your ad spend.

Read our blog for a deep-dive on everything you need to know about running Facebook page likes campaigns.


Facebook & Instagram Video Promotion


Applying the same kind of multivariate testing to your video posts, Leaf Grow identifies the best-performing video(s) and/or custom audiences to drive down the cost-per-view within your territory and demographic parameters.

Read our blog on Facebook & Instagram video promotion campaigns


Facebook & Instagram Post-Engagement Promotion


You may want to drive consistent engagement on all your posts instead of testing which post performs best at driving engagement and scaling the budget against that. However, there is a lot to be said for identifying which type of content people engage with the most and making more content like that. For the purposes of brand activation/collaboration, consistently high engagement from relevant audiences will look much better than one or two posts with a huge amount of engagement.

Our How To - Facebook & Instagram Post-Engagement’ blog covers all the nuances of post-engagement campaigns and how to structure these to make the most of your content and keep things congruent with your page audience.


The Strategy - Things To Consider

Firstly, figure out how far from eligibility you are and what your organic growth-rate/view-rate is and this will help give you a fairly accurate estimation on the cost of getting there. If you already have 8k page likes and you’re growing at a rate of 50 new page likes a week on average then you’ll have to wait 40 weeks to reach the 10k page likes mark, as long as you maintain that growth rate. Apply a similar logic to your one-minute video views over the past 60-days. If you can’t wait that long then figure out what your growth will be in real-terms over the next 6-8 weeks and supplement it with some ad campaigns to help you get there quicker.

How Much Will It Cost?

This depends on the market you’re operating in, the type of content you’re promoting and the territories you’re pushing it in.

If you produce content for a niche market in the UK, then it’s probably going to be more expensive to for you to grow your audience and drive video views than for a creator/brand that has a larger addressable market across a wide range of territories.

Terrirtory targeting fundamentally affects the cost and success of your ad campaigns. Our Smart Territory Targeting blog covers how to structure your campaigns to reach the right audience in the right place - maximising results whilst avoiding your budget ending up in the doldrums.

If you’re looking for brand collaborations It’s also worth considering what kind of brands your content may be a suitable fit for as this can help inform your territory targeting strategy. Certain territories can be cheaper to advertise in than others, but building audiences in places that are going to be irrelevant for you and your potential brand partners could do more harm than good.

Ultimately, fans, customers and brands are looking for authenticity and truth. Don’t be tempted to do stuff to hack your way to qualification in the short-term if it has potential to jeopardise the calibre of your persona and your aspirations in the long term. There’s enough fake shit out there already and everybody, Facebook especially, is hyper-vigilant after the truth void that was 2018.

If you have a clear path to eligibility and are eager to get going then Leaf Grow has a 7-day free trial which you can use to launch some campaigns and see what the cost-per-result for page likes & video views looks like. This way you’ll have a clear idea how much it’s going to cost to achieve the numbers you need for eligibility for Facebook’s new content monetisation tools.

Good luck!