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Our 5 Brand Crushes This Valentine's Day 2022 (And They're Nailing eCommerce!)

5 Brands Nailing Ecommerce

1. Floom

FloomX by Floom Instagram grid screenshot

It’s Valentine’s Day: of course we’re starting with flowers! You’ll probably know Floom as a beautifully-curated online marketplace that set its sights on disrupting the floristry industry -  supporting local artisanal florists and attracting VC backing with its unique tech-driven approach to selling flowers in the UK and US.

We love how Floom goes above and beyond in creating a visually luxurious but low-key social media presence: think daily updates from your green-fingered, impeccably tasteful millennial best friend. Floom not only nails its consumer-focused Valentine’s Day offering (spotlighting local florists, sharing Clueless memes about self-love) but its Floomx Instagram account (“Giving florists the power to flower”) offers guidance and advice including a Valentine’s Day Bible and checklists for retailers. We’re in love already!

2. Thortful

Thortful Instagram grid screenshot

Another innovative online marketplace pulling out all the stops to corner the Valentine’s Day market? Yes please. Thortful is a one-stop greeting card platform highlighting independent creatives around the world, and 2022 sees the launch of their first major integrated campaign. Based around the theme of finding the perfect card to match your unique love language, the TV-led campaign is sweet, humorous and features humans speaking like dolphins. What’s not to like?

Over on their socials, Thortful are a masterclass example of how brands can drive up audience engagement and product awareness with thoughtful, well-crafted creative and content. Romantic trip giveaways, reader polls on favourite Valentine’s Day tipples and some perfectly timed The Tinder Swindler content (Netflix’s latest viral hit) - all tied together with recommendations of the best and funniest Valentine’s Day cards from across their roster of global card creatives.

3. Love Cocoa

Love Cocoa's Valentine's Day webpage screenshot

Founded in 2016 by James Cadbury (does the name look familiar?), Love Cocoa is a chocolate company looking to set a fairer, more sustainable standard in an industry with its fair share of ethical problems. The great-great-great-grandson of Cadbury’s chocolate founder John Cadbury is focusing his efforts on chocolate manufacture in Great Britain that limits the global impact of production, and the company plants one tree for every product sold. 

Saving the planet is sexy, but so is great product. Love Cocoa’s Valentine’s Day offering is a perfect example of how effective a simple and elegant product range can be for online retailers looking to attract new customers. With a dedicated section on its website, special offer bundles and hamper giveaways on its social channels in partnership with other select quality brands, we’re in love with Love Cocoa’s understated, big-hearted approach to Valentine’s Day 2022.

4. Panda

Panda Valentine's Day page screenshot

Luxury homewares meets environmentalism in Panda’s range of bamboo-based bedding and home products, and we’re big fans. Bamboo is said to be the most eco-friendly fabric material in the world, and if it’s good enough for the pandas, it’s good enough for us! 

As we’ve seen with other brands on this list, there’s a lot of mileage to be had in highlighting simple and well-curated product lines to potential new customers - especially around key events like Valentine’s Day. Even better when combined with eye-catching creative and bundle deals. Panda has all this in spades, complimented by a refreshingly transparent and upfront approach to reviews and information on site and on socials. 

With a Valentine’s Day webpage featuring user reviews, in-depth product information and informal (but informative) background on the health and aesthetic plus points of bamboo fabrics, Panda nails the “smart is sexy” cliche in style.

5. MeUndies

MeUndies Instagram Reels tab

Rightly celebrated for putting diversity and inclusivity at the heart of their digital marketing strategy (partnering with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and The Body Positive, for example), MeUndies used Valentine’s Day 2022 to bring a line of limited-edition line of underwear for couples to market - and they nailed the campaign.

Low-key yet eye-catching product shots? Check. Great use of user-generated content to drive engagement? Check. Sharp, pithy copy and a clear sales focus? Check, and check. 

WeUndies also include a homemade Valentine’s Day card with every order they ship. We know that because an Instagram video featuring an extraordinarily cute dog told us so. Hopefully you’re getting the message now: WeUndies know exactly how to make us happy. What more could we ask for on February 14th?


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